GI Genius™ Intelligent Endoscopy Module

The GI Genius™ Intelligent Endoscopy Module is a computer-aided polyp detection system powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Early detection is a huge factor in preventing colorectal cancer. The enhanced visualization of this device, combined with AI technology, allows for the detection of colorectal polyps regardless of shape, size, and morphology. GI Genius™ has been proven to increase adenoma detection rate (ADR) and decrease cancer risks. This tool has a 99.7% sensitivity rate and less than 1% false positives. In addition, studies reveal that GI Genius™ has an 82% faster real-time analysis than physicians.

This device is not intended to replace endoscopist assessment or clinical decision-making. It is designed to assist colon screenings without changing or disrupting the procedure. This new AI technology allows physicians to further detect polyps or adenomas during screenings and reduces the risk of polyps going undetected.

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