PillCam Capsule Endoscopy

A PillCam capsule endoscopy is a procedure performed to allow your doctor to examine the inside of your digestive tract. The PillCam uses a capsule that is about the size of a vitamin pill with a tiny wireless camera to take pictures of the digestive tract. The camera takes thousands of pictures as it travels through the digestive tract and transmits the images to a recorder worn on your waist with a belt.

PillCam capsule endoscopies allow doctors to examine the inside of the small intestine, an area that traditional endoscopy procedures can’t reach. It is performed to diagnose gastrointestinal conditions like IBD, celiac disease, and cancer. The test may also be used to find the cause of gastrointestinal symptoms like bleeding, screen for polyps, examine the esophagus, and do follow-up testing after an X-ray or other imaging tests are unclear.

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